fpuSlovak Arts Council is a self-governing public institution guaranteeing support of art activities, culture and creative industry, which was established according to Act No. 284/2014 Coll. The Council replaced the substantial part of the former grant system of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and is independent of central bodies of state administration. Its main mission is the support of “live“ arts and culture with a special focus on diversity. The Council provides grants especially for creation, production, distribution and presentation of works of art; support of international cooperation; educational programmes in the fields of art, culture and creative industry; grants for individuals who contribute to development of arts and culture in creative way or by research.


hudobny-fondMusic Fund is a national cultural public institution established by Act of art funds. The fund supports creative activities, releases CDs of Slovak Composers and Concert Artists Published by on their own, producing music material and other activities necessary for the presentation of original works to life. The Fund manages the largest archive of Slovak music and secures the loan of works of Slovak authors for concert and educational purposes. Music Fund also awards prizes annually for significant performance and long-standing contribution in the field of classical music, folk, and jazz based on proposals from professional associations and expert committees.


mesto-presovThe city of Prešov is the political and administrative seat of Prešov autonomous region which is the largest region in Slovakia regarding the number of population and the second largest regarding its area. Prešov is also the third largest city in Slovakia.


polsky-institutPolish Institute in Bratislava is part of an international network of 21 Polish institutes which work on the same tasks. The goal is to familiarise people in Slovakia with the history, language and culture of Poland, as well as use Slovakia as a platform on which to unveil the latest Polish intellectual and artistic news and events. The institute encourages an exchange between Poland and Slovakia in the fields of culture, education and human and exact science.


mesto-presovOne of the tasks of the Prešov Self – governing Region in the field of culture is to create conditions for the creation, presentation and development of cultural values and activities within its territory. The Prešov self-governing Region provides a grant from its own resources in the field of culture for the creation, development, protection, restoration and presentation of the spiritual and cultural values. By means of this grant, the Prešov self-governing Region has also supported the festival Prešov Days of Classical Guitar.