She was born in Paysandu, Uruguay in 1982 and comes from a family of prominent artists. Her parents Julio Siqueira and Raquel Franco, both lecturers classical guitar, they resulted from an early age to play the guitar. Already in 15 years due to the fact she won first prize in the national guitar competitions. She …..

Marcin Dylla (b. 1976 in Chorzow, Poland) began to learn to play guitar from his eight years in music school in the Red Śląskie. Between 1995 – 2000 he studied at the Music Academy in Katowciach (prof. Wanda Palacz) and then at foreign schools: Academy of Music in Basel (prof. Oscar Ghiglia), Academy of Music …..

Michal Červienka (1983) was born in Heľpa, central Slovakia. He started playing the accordion at the age of eight. Renowned Ukrainian teacher Lesia Vlachová discovered his talent and provided the first lessons for him at the Elementary School of Arts in Heľpa. Later he attended the classes of Róbert Tatár in Banská Bystrica. He continued …..

She studied at the Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (bachelor’s degree). Master’s degree obtained in Canada in 2001 at Université Laval in Quebec under the leadership of top guitarist Alvaro Pierri. At the same professor in the years 2002 – 2003 has innovated in the performing arts in the context of …..

Dariusz Kupiński He studied guitar at the Music Academy in Katowice Karl Szymanowski led by prof. Wanda Palacz. Currently she is studying with prof. Thomas Müller-recital at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar. Dariusz Kupiński is a laureate of many awards from international guitar competitions in Europe. Thanks to his artistic success he …..

Ewa Jabłczyńska was born in the Polish city of Koszalin, where already seven year old began playing the guitar. In 2007 she graduated with honors in Katowice Music Academy Karl Szymanowski led by prof. Alina Gruszka. Currently, students prof. Thomas Müller-recital at the University Universität der Künste in Berlin and works at the University of …..

He was born on 15/06/1981 in Levoca. In 1995, he finished music school in Levoca – playing the accordion / led by Mgr. Dušan Kamenický / a guitar playing / led by Mgr. Petra Dubivský /. In 2001 he graduated from the Conservatory in Košice in the guitar class of MgA. Joseph branches, and in …..

He born in 1984 in Kempten, Germany, and grew up in Munich, where in his 11-ers, he began playing the guitar. Since 2000, he studied in the class Vaclav Kucera at the Prague Conservatory. Study in the Czech Republic finished Discharges of Conservatory in Pardubice in 2006 by Peter Said. In the same year he …..

Branislav Krajčo “Flaco de Nerja” was born in Bratislava. The first contact with a guitar in 13 years when recognizes flamenco, which finds its expression and inspiration. Even as a 16-teens concerts for the first time before an audience in his hometown. In subsequent years, he travels to Granada, where he attended master classes with …..

Guitar art will learn in the class of Mgr. Iwona Bodziak (State School of Music 1st and 2nd degree in Sanok). He continued by Prof. Piotr Zaleskiego (Muzyczna Academy in Wroclaw), Prof. Luisa Ignatius Gall (Conservatorium Hogeschool Enschede, The Netherlands) and honed his skills in numerous master classes in Poland and abroad by world-renowned virtuosos …..