He was born on 15/06/1981 in Levoca. In 1995, he finished music school in Levoca – playing the accordion / led by Mgr. Dušan Kamenický / a guitar playing / led by Mgr. Petra Dubivský /. In 2001 he graduated from the Conservatory in Košice in the guitar class of MgA. Joseph branches, and in 2007 completed the acquisition price Dekana Academy of Arts – Faculty of Music and Performing Arts in Banská Bystrica under the leadership of Doc. Mgr.art. John Labant, ArtD.

Competition awards: first place in the regional competition-Levoča’95, 3rd and 2nd place in competitions Slovak Conservatories, 5th place at the international competition in the Czech Republic Kutna Hora’2000 laureate title and the prize of the President in the competition in Dolny Kubin ‘2003

He has performed in many European countries, participated in numerous music festivals in the V4 countries, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He takes courses with celebrities such as: Jorgos Panetsos, Wolfgang Lendl Leon Koudelák, Stepan Rak, Roberto Aussie John Duarte, Leo Brouwer and Costas Cotsiolis.

He has collaborated with many other artists and music ensembles and has performed as a soloist with the accordion orchestra of Košice Conservatory in housing Due Solli – duo with flute, in clusters interpreting Renaissance and Baroque music-Tomko Quartet in March Gitarove duo-Tomko and many others. Regularly participates in various artistic, cultural and social events, as well as on recordings for radio and TV. Often he cooperates with artists of pop, jazz and world-music, Slovak Philharmonic – Košice and participate in projects and recording classical, stage and commercial character / Marian Cekovsky band, Los Massakeros, Kristina, Twins, rust, Lobo, Observatory, rhythm, Ego, Tina, Peter Lipa, Henry Tóth Emil Frátrik, Marcel Buntaj, Ivan Veres Katarina Koščová, Martin Husovský, S2g Band Jazzabel, Bob diet smoothie company, Lada-vyšívanka ingot, Lullabies, choir OMNIA project Light of understanding, Poetica Musica, Vanesska … / He is also composing and arranging music for film and theater. Currently he teaches at the private elementary school of art, and the two conservatories in Košice.