Grouping “Peter Tomko quintet” was created especially for the occasion of the 5th annual guitar festival “Bratislavské day classical guitar.” The idea is to bring the audience gems of contemporary guitar literature little unconventional arrangements of tool, as these works were mostly written for classical guitar. Concert will feature music from Stepan Rak, Andrew York, Roland Dyens, Paul Belinatiho, Carla Domeniconiho and Astor Piazzolla. As guests of the concert will perform Julie Kovac Burášová (flute) and Michael Červienka (accordion).

Members’ Peter Tomka quintet “played for various musical groups and Kosice are educators music schools.

Peter Tóth – (Observatory, Los Massakeros, Adam Durica) – acoustic and electric guitar,
Peter Jakab – (Good fancy, Poetica Musica) – acoustic and electric guitar,
Paul Jakab – (Night and Day, Good fancy, Poetica Musica) – acoustic and bass guitar,
Michal Lörinc – (rust, Marian Cekovsky, Poetica Musica) – percussion, piano.