Guitar duo Siempre Nuevo was founded in October 2007 by two outstanding Czech guitarists Freml Matej (1982) and Patrick Vacík (1984). During this period, both studied at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany. Where they received their first hour of chamber music at prof.Thomasa Muller-recital and prof. Mathis Christoph.
Now studying in Weimar highest attainable study Aufbau B as guitar duo in the field of chamber music with prof. Thomas Muller-recital.


In May 2008, the duo won their first international competition in the Italian Gorizia. Immediately after he was invited to a music festival Summer Music Festival in the Italian Grady. Followed by a series of concerts both in the Czech Republic (Guitar Festival Zruč nad Sázavou, Kolin, Czech Republic Tešín.atd.) And in Germany (Hof, Weimar, Friedrichsrode Guitar Festival, Music Festival Cuxhaven) and Italy (Gonza, Grado).


Duo Siempre Nuevo plays both original compositions for guitar duo, as well as various transcription – their own and other authors. His repertoire includes old and modern music, from baroque to contemporary composers. When striving for authentic performance using historical instruments, which gives the songs of old areas, but especially romantic music unexpectedly authentic and interesting sound. This versatile and, moreover, very fresh and expressive interpretations often were subject of praise not only the audience, but also music critic.