It comes from the island of Sardinia. Study in playing the guitar has successfully completed the Coservatorio di musica “Gesualdo da Venosa” in Potenza under renowned virtuoso Giampaolo Bandini, on which continued at the Accademia Musicale del Teatro Cinghio in Parma. Then attended master classes at the Accademia Musicale in Cremona in the classroom Giovanni Puddu and several master classes with such prominent artists as Pavel Steidl, Leo Brouwer, John Williams, Alirio Diaz, Hopkinson Smith, Tilmann Hopstock, Paolo Pegoraro, Giulio Tampalini, Lorenzo Micheli, Matteo Mela, Andrew Zohn and M ° Azio Corghi (composition).


In 2000, cooperation with American composer Paul Joseph, whose compositions for guitar premiere in Elmont Library in New York. At present mainly he focuses on concert activities as a soloist, but also the player of various chamber ensembles. It works principally with Slovak guitarist Adam March March in Duo-Ferrari and the German cellist Robert Witt. Concerts in several European countries, USA and China. It is the organizer of the International Guitar Festival “Isola degli Sparvieri” on Isola di San Pietro in Italy.


Fabrizio Ferraro’s finalist competition Paganini in Parma and carries multiple bids from national and international guitar competitions – the International Competition of Guitar Festival and Symposium in Georgia in the United States by 60 participants from around the world ranked the top ten.


He regularly performs at concert halls in Europe and the US, as well as in important international guitar festival (Festival della chitarra Mediterraneo in June, the Festival of Paganini in Parma, Festival Internazionale della chitarra in Zagarolo, Guitar Festival and Symposium in Georgia, USA)


She teaches at the State Music School in Capoterra and at several high schools in the district of Cagliari in Sardinia. He regularly gives master classes at the Music and Art Academy Ján Albrecht in Banská Štiavnica within international master guitar days. He made several radio and television recordings.