Slovak guitarist and producer comes from Bratislava, where in 1984 he graduated from State conservatory in the field of classic guitar led by professor Zsapka. In years 1984-1986 he completed advanced course of pedagogy. From 1989 to 1955 he studied at Academy of musical and dramatic arts in Grazi led by professors Harry Pepl and Waine Brasel. From 1995 to 1977 he worked at State university in Grazi as a guitar pedagogue. Throughout the studies he completed a couple of tours with Marcela Leiferová on Kuba,with Marika Gombitová, Marián Greksa, with Jana Kocianova in Poland, with band Citrón, band HammerX in Grazi, band Freddie´s Stoned in Austria(realesed own CD), with band Big H in years 1997,1999 and 2001 in Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic, with Richard Müller, with Marián Čekovský and Elán.
In 1996 he recorded his debut album Bigh H-Breath, for which he was awarded with GrammyWest for Best instrumentalist and nominated in categories Producer of the year and Album of the year. In 2001 he released his second CD Spirit of Memory in Slovakia and USA. Some of the compositions were released in great numbers ( 12 500) as a part of Playboy magazine. In 2006 are released another two CDs Henry Tóth Breath and Blue – remixed version of CD Breath a new CD Blue. Henry Tóth is credited with more than 40 records of other interpreters, where he appeared as an instrumentalist (guitar, bass), arranger and a producer.